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Rogue scientist Samantha Jones, aka Minerva (Paris Kennedy) turns super villian and attempts to destroy the IADC headquarters but Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) thwarts the fiery act. Seeking revenge Minerva captures IADC Director Stephanie Trevor (Tasha Reign) and user her to lure Wonder Woman to her doom.

Diana Prince transforms into Wonder Woman and heads off to save Stephanie Trevor. Wonder Woman captures the evil genius and binds her with the magic lasso but Minerva cunningly escapes and renders Wonder Woman helpless.

Minerva pushes Wonder Woman to her limits but the super heroine won’t submit. Minerva's exploits are relentless to break the Amazon Princess.

The divine being, Feminine Spirit (Randy Moore) restores Wonder Woman’s powers to allow her to finally defeat and recapture Minerva. Unfortunately, Minerva and Stephanie Trevor team up together to recapture the heroine. Minerva sends Stephanie Trevor back to the IADC to be her spy and then turns her attention to breaking Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman XXX: A Super-Heroine Porn Parody Series combines the iconic Lynda Carter TV series with a contemporary adult theme. The six episodes includes five girl-girl scenes, three fight scenes, four bondage/domination scenes, a suspenseful plot, campy dialogue and special effects. Wonder Woman fans will enjoy the accurate costume, bullets and bracelets, golden lasso and tiara tosses, lasso of truth, spin transformations and super heroine depowerment. This is the XXX super-heroine parody fans have been waiting for!!!



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